My favorite products

  • Lecithin (170 caps.)


  • Super Omega 3 EPA (60 caps.)


  • Vitamin C with bioflavonoids (60 tabs.)


Taking care of my health is my passion. I didn't forget about it even during several stormy and adventure episodes of my youth ;-) Going out to a party - yes, but also healthy food, hydrating the body with water plus vitamins and minerals.

That's how I live every day and adhere to the principle of living a life in balance.

Professional work, motherhood, partnership, taking care of the house and its members, myself and my hobbies - personal development and sport.

How to find strength for all this and not go crazy?!

By taking care of yourself. At the mental and the physical level.

I live in balance. Sometimes I give gas and I slow down at other times. When necessary, I accept and let go. I have been practicing Zen meditation every day since 2010, which is undoubtedly the biggest guide for me.

One of the most important women in my life, my mother, had recommended me Nature's Sunshine vitamins and minerals. After a long study of this topic, I know that these are proven, highest quality products available at an affordable price.

After about three years of supporting my immune system in tough moments like infections, high mental and physical exertion, including during two pregnancies and long months of breastfeeding, I can only recommend them to anyone who also wishes to support her/his health.

Nature Sunshine's has been present on the American market for almost 50 years; for many years in the United Kingdom and Eastern Europe and 10 years in Poland. Its products are from now on also available in Germany.

I invite you to familiarize yourself with a very interesting range of 35 herbs, vitamins and minerals :-)


Gosia Böttcher

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